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Whatever the subject and whoever the audience, I’m happy to help.

If you’re looking for the latest entertainment article to be written, an informative essay to be constructed, an illustration to be designed, or even a document that needs editing, you’re in the right place.

The mixed bag blog

If you’re looking for more in-depth examples of my work, or are genuinely just wondering what I might be ranting about lately, you’ll probably be able to find something right here.

As writers, we all need our outlets, and here is where I share random pieces ranging from focusing on current issues and society to video games – pretty much anything that may spring to mind when I can’t sleep at 5am.


So you know I’m a writer, editor, and creator, but what exactly do I specialise in?

Here’s a little portfolio of some past work that’ll give you a glimpse at my experience and give you an idea of what I’m best at. It’s pretty vast and continuously updated.




Whether you have a client that needs an article written or you want a fully completed essay to be finished quickly and professionally, I can offer whatever writing service you may need.

Web-Copy & metadata

Looking for web-copy for website pages or do you have a meta-data job to be completed? I have vast experience in both sectors - along with a large amount of knowledge of both SEO and marketing.


I'm a big entertainment fan - which means I'm always keeping up with the media industry, video game market, and I always have my head in a book. If you're a creator or a representative looking for reviews, I'm always ready to start making notes and accept requests.


Along with providing copywriting services, I also offer copyediting services for whatever documents you may have in mind. Blog posts to dissertations, social media status updates to presentations - anything goes.

RESEARCH & development

I'm always looking to expand my own knowledge and expertise while also helping you out. If you need research completed, no matter the topic, I'm happy to get to work and find you the most reliable information for your project.


As well as my writing services, I have began to offer design services and opportunities as well. Looking for a website to be formatted, or in the market for a series of illustrations? This service is expanding and developing all the time and might just fit what you're looking for.

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