With the start of this website, and the continuation of my freelance career, I suppose that I can officially say I’m a writer. Though, I’ve had many people try and share their thoughts on why or why I should not label myself as such. As somebody who hasn’t taken their advice, I can tell you that I’m better off for it.

The truth is; anybody can call themselves a writer and everybody deserves that right (no pun intended.) Whether it’s writing for the New York Times – hi guys, love your work – or writing fanfiction to share with only your eyes, you still have the ground to call yourself a damn author. Writing is hard, as the saying goes, so kudos to you, no matter whether it’s haikus or dissertations.

I’ve always been one to write too much. By that, I mean far too much. Nobody needs a simple essay about Norman Bates that clocks out at about 30,000 words, but my keys are worn down enough to attest to the fact that it does indeed exist. Trust me, my media lecturers hated me just as much as I’m sure the next person would. But, hey, I got the grades, so it doesn’t bother me much.

That’s another thing. A lot of people like to try and dictate that, to be a writer, you have to write in a certain way, or you have to meet a certain standard, which is never the case. There’s no agenda – no checklist to tick off. If you write, you can call yourself a writer, whether you want to or not. Whether others agree with you or not, you still have that ability and that name to give yourself. Who cares about their little quotas that they’ve set for other people? Surely not you, because you’re a damn writer, and they’re just bored.

(Note: writers do get bored, very easily in fact, but that’s aside from my point.)

I don’t need somebody with a constructed version of myself in their heads to tell me what I should or should not do with my time and my life. If I want to be a writer – and I think this website proves that I do – I don’t need to consider the input of others if it’s just going to negatively try and deter me from the lifestyle.

Nobody starts out as a perfect writer, and I don’t think there is such a thing, but we all start somewhere. Cliché, but true. This website is my starting point – so let’s get the introductions out the way.

I’m Charlotte MG, and I write too much.

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