Let’s talk about chosen families and how they’re the only family that should matter. First and foremost, no matter how many people will bring up the ‘family is blood’ argument; your name is not your family. Your name does not define who you get to call your family, that is a choice that you have the right to make. Nobody can take that away from you. If somebody is offended that you have not included them in that demographic, well – to put it nicely,…Continue Reading “Your Name Is Not Your Family”

With the start of this website, and the continuation of my freelance career, I suppose that I can officially say I’m a writer. Though, I’ve had many people try and share their thoughts on why or why I should not label myself as such. As somebody who hasn’t taken their advice, I can tell you that I’m better off for it. The truth is; anybody can call themselves a writer and everybody deserves that right (no pun intended.) Whether it’s writing for the New York…Continue Reading “The Beginning”