Who Am I?

Who Am I?

The Writer

Asking who I am is rather like asking a snail why it has a shell, or why the sky is blue, apart from it's not like that whatsoever. A snail has a shell for protection from predators [shoutout to Darwinism] and the sky is blue because air molecules scatter more blue light than any other colour, it's actually really simple. So, asking who I am is nothing like that because it does not at all have a simple answer. I wish it had, but, as you'll learn throughout this blog, I wasn't handed a 'How To' manual when I was born. That means when it comes to the existential question of 'who I am?' I'm still trying to figure that part out, and this blog is a way to document and try to help that; whether it works or not is a different matter.

But my birth certificate states the name 'Charlotte', so you can call me that.



The Blog

This blog itself is more so a collection of essays and articles than a specification. What I mean by this is that there's no set topic for the content - there could be one post regarding a new book I just read or a post trying to detail my inability to trust microwaves but my intense need for them. It's a life blog and life isn't linear or predictable [unfortunately], so, take a look around, and find something you like, whether it's a controversial discussion post or an attempt at an explanation as to why I aim to tattoo myself.